New members are always welcome, at any time during the year. No experience is necessary, although a certain level of fitness is obviously required. Although all our members are insured through Mountaineering Ireland for accident (limited to very serious injuries) and  personal liability, hillwalking is recognized as a potentially dangerous sport. Members are thus encouraged to obtain their own insurance cover.

     Before you decide to become a full member, it is recommended that you undertake one or two walks with the club. This will enable you to assess your own fitness level and will guide you as to which types of walks will be suitable. No membership fee is payable until you have completed two walks, at which stage a fee of €50 is due.

     The following equipment will be necessary for your first and subsequent walks with the club:

  • Stout waterproof walking boots, including ankle support. Runners are not acceptable.
  • Good waterproof clothing, including leggings, headgear and gloves.Several layers of clothing may be necessary in the uplands. Jeans are not acceptable
  • Ample water
  • A hot drink and sufficient food for up to 6 hours

     Walks are graded for level of difficulty, though this can be very subjective

  • Grade A Walks: 5-6 hours duration and over 12 km in length. Will reach 700 meters in elevation and traverse ridges and mountain tops and may involve some scrambling. A good level of fitness required
  • Grade B Walks: 3-4 hours duration and 8-12 km long. Usually on lower hills or to the mountain lakes, rarely reaching over 500 metres. A reasonable level of fitness needed
  • Grade C Walks:1-3 hours duration and less than 10 km long. Usually on forest tracks, minor roads or along river banks with the odd moderate climb